1. Virtual airline

"German Lloyd VA" is an entirely ficticious virtual airline. We also reserve the right to the name "German Lloyd" and kindly ask you to report any and all misuse of the name to our administration.

2. Minimum requirements

The minimum age to apply for a membership with "German Lloyd VA" is 16 years. Basic knowledge of aviation-related topics, such as aircraft control, flight planning, navigation, meteorology and flight rules (especially IFR) is mandatory as well as a legally acquired copy of a flight simulator and a generally serious attitude towards flight simming.

3. Privacy

All data of our users/pilots is handled strictly confidential and will, under no circumstance, be handed to third parties.

4. Discrimination

Ethnic, religious and any other kind of discrimination by a user/pilot, is strictly prohibited and will result of the termination of the membership.

5. Copyright

Pictures, videos and other files published on this site, both visible to the public as well as those visible to registered users only, may only be used for non-commercial purposes and with the explicit permission of the site's administration.

6. Disclaimer

"German lloyd VA" and it's members do not assume liabilty for damage of any sort caused by the installation of software published or recommended on this site.

7. Accuracy and correctness

Although we strive for excellency, we can not guarantee that any of the information provided to be accurate or correct, since most of the data provided on this website was acquired in a virtual environment.

8. General operations and events

All our operations are strictly non-military. Therefore, flying military aircraft with "German Lloyd" markings and/or call sign is prohibited and may lead to suspension or termination of the membership. Participation in events does not require a membership. However, we kindly ask you to join us on the TeamSpeak for the briefing in that case. Additionally, members with a suspended or terminated membership, as well as pilots not complying with our rules will be excluded from all events!